Julie Montgarrett: guessing games in borrowed spaces

Links Gallery: 5 July - 17 August 2008

Guessing games in borrowed spaces
Julie Montgarrett, gravity's gestures, 2006, machine-embroidered polyester thread on nylon tulle, polyester/cotton fabric, bush-dyed wool felt, resin bonded pigment

In guessing games in borrowed spaces, Julie Montgarrett explores themes of chance and fragility, of transition and flux, through drawings and exquisite embroidered textiles. A Lecturer in Art and Design at the School of Visual & Performing Arts, Charles Sturt University, Julie has been a resident of Wagga Wagga for twelve years. Over this time, her work has been informed by close observations of local communities and the fragile regional landscape beset by cyclical drought, the vagaries of climate in crisis, and the attendant social and economic impact of these changes.

The process of the making the works on display in guessing games in borrowed spaces deliberately includes unpredictable elements. The colours of the dye process are a record of particular hot and dry seasons, and specific regional locations. The organic rhythms and patterns introduce a greater inteprlay of imagination in the viewer, and refined print processes are subverted by encounters with materials and textures that are both receptive and resistant. Fragments and images in guessing games in borrowed spaces also include elements gleaned from the worlds of science, narratives from mass media rapidly forgotton, commonplace objects, old encyclopaedias, history, cartography, philiosophy and mythology.


When:     Friday 4 July 2008, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Where:    Links Gallery
Cost:        Free