Intrinsic Elements

National Art Glass Gallery: 18 April - 27 July 2008

Intrinsic Elements
Intrinsic Elements on display at the National Art Glass Gallery, 2008

Intrinsic Elements
features recent works by Charles Butcher and Brian Corr, two contemporary artists working in glass. The exhibition explores the interplay and juxtaposition of elements such as volume and void, light and shadow, to create a display of great elegance and sophistication.

Charles Butcher sets himself the challenge of using primary geometric shapes as forms to express his ideas. He explores the boundaries and technical constraints inherent in making large-scale cast glass works. His minimal, abstract forms express the contrasting qualities of simplicity, strength and luminosity.

Brian Corr's extraordinary installation Flow (2008) floats across the vast expanse of the National Art Glass Gallery window. In essence, the work is a visual metaphor for breathing and depicts the cycle of inhaling and exhaling. This sublimely minimalist installation, together with Brian's other, smaller pieces on display, evokes an overall sense of quietude and meditation.

A Wagga Wagga Art Gallery Initiative


Intrinsic Elements s on display at the National Art Glass Gallery, 2008


When:     Friday 9 May 2008, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Where:   National Art Glass Gallery
Cost:       Free