Memory of being

Links Gallery: 22 August - 5 October 2008

Memory of Being 

Memory of Being 
Memory of being on display in the Links Gallery, 2008

Local artist Veronica Cay combines sculpture and textile pieces to explore the idea of 'play' and how it shapes our lives, in memory of being. The works in this exhibition began as an exploration of old toys and objects such as porcelain dolls and meccano, placed in new contexts to provide a platform for reflection on how 'play' develops our lives. The familiarity of these items sparks memories and recollections of childhood and innocence, on the experiences that shape our lives and our sense of who we are as adults.

Many of the works on display in memory of being incorporate vintage buttons from all over the world, in bone, metal, ivory, bakelite, plastic and many other materials, reflecting the wide range of functional and decorative uses these objects have served over generations. Other textile works from this exhibition use printed material such as newspapers and musical scores, collecting fragments of information that can be reconstructed to provide new ways of viewing the world around us. Throughout memory of being, objects and patterns from are past are recombined to create new meanings and new interpretations.


memory of being 
Veronica Cay one two button my shoe 2008, mixed media 


When:     Saturday 30 August 2008, 3:00 - 5:00pm
Where:    Links Gallery
Cost:        Free