Remembering Rain

Marc Grunseit, Daniela Turrin, Leon Sadubin

National Art Glass Gallery: 1 August - 30 November 2008

Remembering Rain
Remembering Rain on display in the National Art Glass Gallery, 2008

Remembering Rain
Daniela Turrin, Embrace, 2005, cast lead crystal

Remembering Rain
, an exhibition examining the pertinent subject of climate change through a range of different artforms, features the work of three outstanding artists: Marc Grunseit, Daniela Turrin and Leon Sadubin. The exhibition explores imaginative responses to the challenges of environmental change, and all three artists employ sustainable practices across a range of media. The results are three bodies of work that, in their own individual styles and techniques, respond to the issues of human survival with wit and poignancy, developing resilience and applying creativity and restraint in a time of environmental and social upheaval.

hot tin roof vigil

relentless summer dry sky

remembering rain

This exhibition will be accompanied by musical compositions by Robert Forbes.


  Remembering Rain - Sadubin
Leon Sadubin, Collectors Cabinet, 2007, silver ash and she-oak


When:     Saturday 30 August 2008, 3:00 - 5:00pm
Where:    Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost:        Free