MONO uno

Australian Monotypes in the Charles Sturt University Art Collection

Margaret Carnegie Gallery: 20 March - 3 May 2009

Mono Uno

Mono Uno
MONO uno on display in the Margaret Carnegie Gallery, 2009

A rare opportunity to investigate one of the most innovative forms of modern printmaking is on display in the exhibition MONO uno: Australian Monotypes from the Charles Sturt University Art Collection. This fascinating exhibition, curated by Thomas A. Middlemost, Art Curator at Charles Sturt University, showcases some of the many Australian artists who have utilised monotype techniques in their work over the past century. MONO uno is also one of the many events which will celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Charles Sturt University, and highlight the University's links with the community of Wagga Wagga and the Riverina region.

The monotype is the simplest of printmaking mediums, a 'unique painted or inked impression transferred from an unincised and unregistered matrix'. Contrary to widespread misconception, monotypes are not exclusively made by printmakers: they are the most painterly and least technically challenging type of prints. The medium has appealed to a wide range of artists working in all media, and painters in MONO uno who have been attracted to the monotype include Rupert Bunny, Jacqueline Hick, Sidney Nolan, Charles Blackman, John Coburn and many more.

The Charles Sturt University Art Collection is seventeen years old, only three years younger than the University itself. It holds over eighty monotypes, one of the largest collections of this type of print in Australia. The works on display in MONO uno cover a wide range of subjects and styles, including landscape prints, figurative works, and even animals.


 Mono Uno - Bruno Leti
Bruno Leti, Who has the Answer?, 1992, monotype, chine colle


When:     Friday 27 March 2009, 6:00- 8:00pm
Where:    Margaret Carnegie Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost:       Free

Floortalk and Presentation

The curator of the Charles Sturt University collection, Thomas Middlemost, will talk about the works in the exhibition. This will be followed by a morning tea and a presentation by the General Manager of the Print Council of Australia, Damian Kelly.

When:     Saturday 28 March 2009, commencing at 11:00am
Where:    Margaret Carnegie Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost:       Free