Operation Art

Links Gallery: 5 May - 21 June 2009

Operation Art 
Will Lyons (Yenda Public School), Bob the Bandaged Bear, 2007

Children from across New South Wales have contributed to Operation Art: a selection of artworks, chosen out of hundreds sent in from schools across the state, created to be hung in the Children's Hospital at Westmead and appreciated by sick children and their families. Operation Art is an initiative of the Children's Hospital at Westmead with the NSW Department of Education and Training, the Nelson Meers Foundation, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The program has been running for thirteen years, bringing delight to thousands of children. Every year, students in New South Wales create their artworks and send them to the Children's Hospital at Westmead. The artworks range from the delightfully innocent paintings of kindergarten children, to the sophistication and assuredly skilful image making of high school students. There are artworks in a wide variety of media, from drawing and painting to collage, photography and printmaking. These works go on tour around the state before joining the Hospital's permanent collection, where they will be hung alongside artworks by artists of national and international renown.


Operation Art  Operation Art - Nelson Meers


When:     Monday 18 May 2009, 4:00 - 6:00pm
Where:    Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost:        Free