Ralph Tikerpae: Ship of fools + boats of idiots

Links Gallery: 27 February - 29 March 2009

Ralph Tikerpae
Ship of fools + boats of idiots on display in the Links Gallery, 2009

Ship of fools + boats of idiots
presents a survey of recent work by Riverina-based artist Ralph Tikerpae. The exhibition features a range of paintings, mixed media works and large-scale sculptures in metal and wood. While Tikerpae resides in Wyalong, he has long-standing connections with Wagga Wagga, and many local residents will be familiar with his prominent five-metre high figurative sculpture, Life Balance, located outside the Gallery on the bank of Wollundry Lagoon.

The central focus of Ship of fools + boats of idiots is a corridor of three-metre high metal sculptures, representing both human and animal figures. These are surrounded by smaller, more delicate works in metal and wood and, along the walls, Tikerpae's characteristic gestural paintings. The main theme of this exhibition is a searing examination of the effects of human rapacity upon the planet which is our common vessel. Tikerpae's body of work suggests the mentality of short-sighted hedonism, as we hurtle into the future beyond the point of no return. In essence a comment upon climate change and the many other pressing issues that affect us all, this is a thought-provoking exhibition full of surprises.


Ralph Tikerpae
Ralph Tikerpae Frantic 2007, mixed media sculpture


Where:     Links Gallery, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
When:       Saturday 28 February, 3:00-6:00pm
Cost:         Free