Beverly Moxon: Grass Roots

Mementos, Memories and Meaning

Links Gallery: 4 June - 18 July 2010

Beverly Moxon
Grass Roots on display in the Links Gallery, 2010

Have you ever reflected on the things that we value throughout our lives, and realised that often their importance has nothing to do with money? Mementos, those special things that we hold dear, are kept not for their monetary worth but for the stories, memories and experiences they evoke. Objects like these are the subject of Grass Roots: Mementos, memories and meaning, an exhibition of recent works by local fibre artist Beverly Moxon.

Originally from a rural town in North Carolina, USA, Beverly is now based in Cootamundra and is currently a Masters candidate in Visual Arts at Charles Sturt University. Grass Roots features a series of sculptural fibre works reflecting on the artist's connections with the landscapes of both the Riverina and her hometown, and the memories triggered by her mementos. Created with natural fibres, Beverly's mementos include knotted and twined roots, woven souvenir spoons, tepees and nets, and a collection of small sculptural ornaments framed within vintage cake tins.

Beverly says, 'As I reflect on my experiences, I go back to my grass roots in a rural town where my encounters with nature reinforced the way I think about life. I hope this work will kindle the viewer's own memories, encouraging them to think about the stories surrounding objects which are special to them. Our keepsakes say who we are, where we have been and record a lifetime of experiences.'


Beverly Moxon
Beverly Moxon, Cake Tin Mementos, 2010, found objects, roots, pine needles, plant fibres, waxed threads

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