Eclectic: TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, Fine Arts

E3 art space: 10 - 14 November 2010

Leing Lay_Day Chair 2010_mixed media on paper
Lieng Lay Day, Chair, 2010, mixed media on paper

displays fresh new work from first year Diploma of Fine Arts students from Wagga Wagga's TAFE NSW Riverina Institute. These progressing students unveil their talents in printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, digital art and conceptual designs, all on show in the E3 art space.

Eclectic includes emerging artists of all ages and backgrounds. Each student has discovered and brought forth their individual styles and techniques. Students involved in this exhibition are: Kathryn Boundy, Jenny Harber, Deborah Hedley Dobbin, Lieng Lay, Briana Hope, Hayley Smith, Amy Toole, Dimity Einhaus, Peter Morris, Rebecca Hillis and Geraldine Cottrell.


When:     Thursday 11 November
Where:     E3 art space, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Cost:         Free