Ranamok Glass Prize 2009

National Art Glass Gallery: 13 August - 17 October 2010

Matthew Curtis - Amber and teal span 2009 
Matthew Curtis, Amber & teal span, 2009, mould blown and cold worked glass, metal base (Photograph: Rob Little)

The Ranamok Prize for Contemporary Glass is the foremost annual aquisitive award for glass artists in Australia and New Zealand. The Prize was founded in 1994 by Andy Plummer and Maureen Cahill as a means of promoting glass as an artform to a wider audience, and continues to illustrate the incredible innovation, imagination and skill of the most renowned contemporary glass artists.

This is Ranamok's fifteenth year of encouraging creativity and excellence in contemporary glass, with artists from both sides of the Tasman competing for a $15,000 prize. Lisa Walsh was announced as the recipient of the 2009 Prize for her monumental piece titled Across the Lines.

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