Vivid: TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, Graphic Design & Digital Media

E3 art space: 19 - 28 November 2010

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Vivid 2010

TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Vivid 2010
The latest and brightest experiments in cutting edge graphic design and digital media are now on display in Vivid, an amazing diversity of works created by graduating Graphic Design and Digital Media students at the Wagga Wagga campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute.Vivid includes work in video, audio, animation, graphics, web design and 3D - a host of audiovisual and multimedia experiences.

Since 2001, TAFE NSW Riverina Institute has facilitated exhibitions of student work in the digital art arena, when Luke Chisholm coordinated E-Generate, the first exhibition of its kind, in held over two days in the Wagga Wagga marketplace. E-Generate was a great success for both the students and TAFE, allowing an excited group of graduates to function as artists in the public eye for the first time. Throughout the last decade, teachers and students have continued the tradition, slowly improving the exhibition and attracting growing crowds of art lover, graphic designers and rich-media developers to this annual event.

In 2010, the students have name their exhibition Vivid, a fitting title which encapsulates everything that unites two classes of diverse and talented students. The works on display explore many critical areas of industry importance, fusing form with function and exposing the many individual styles of young artists across two very progressive courses.


When:     Friday 19 November 6:00 - 8:00pm
Where:    E3 art space
Cost:        Free