Rish Gordon

Rish Gordon GallahsRish Gordon
Left to Right: Rish Gordon, Galahs, 2010, handblown, triple overlaid colour, sand carved, hand engraved (detail) / Leopards, 2010, hand blown, sandblasted and engraved.  

Born in England in 1935, Rish spent her teenage years in Kenya before going to the Edinburgh College of Art where she met Alasdair, a fellow student in the same year.  After graduation she was employed as a freelance engraver with Whitefriars Glass in London and subsequently married Alasdair, joining him at Hadelands Glassworks in Norway in 1958.

During her early years in Kenya, Rish developed a keen interest in African wildlife and considerable abilities in watercolour; it was natural that she would choose the study of glass engraving as an ideal vehicle for these drawing talents.  Her pieces are beautifully designed to suit her chosen glass form - and her subjects, though often whimsical - can also be dramatic and unexpected.

Rish's skilful, delicately etched glass engravings of animals, flowers and birds, have gone on to delight people all around the world.  Rish Gordon exhibits regularly overseas and in Australia and has been commissioned for engraved presentation pieces for Government and Royalty.

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Rish Gordon 
Works by Rish Gordon on display in Glass Shadows at the National Art Glass Gallery, 2011