Marita Macklin: Pathogenesis

E3 art space: 6 - 28 May 2011

Marita Macklin
Marita Macklin, Aspergillus, 2010, free-motion embroidery, silk organza, cotton thread, cotton muslin, ironbark bush dye, annealed wire, foam (detail)

We live in a world that holds a parallel, hidden world within it: a world so small, it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Only through advanced technology can we see the tiny, fragile forms of the microscopic organisms that inhabit this miniature cosmos. In Pathogenesis, Marita Macklin uses this unseen microscopic world all around us, and the richness and diversity within this realm.

Marita's textile works draw upon the forms and textures of the microbes that inhabit and infect the human body. These works display repeated motifs based upon the most common structural elements shared by groups of pathogens: showcasing their intrinsic beauty with the aim of encouraging the viewer to look closer, to delve into this intangible world and marvel at the variety of these organisms.

In Pathogenesis, the fragile, soft and intangible qualities of microbes are recreated in textile materials and techniques. The strong tactile presence inherent in textiles as a medium has been exploited to its full potential in the creation of rich, sculptural surfaces, crying out to be touched, and flexible, ever-changing forms.

Marita Macklin is currently completing a Masters of Arts Practice at Charles Sturt University. Pathogenesis is the culmination of two years of study and experimentation. Pieces from the body of work showcased in this exhibition have also been selected for the 2010 Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award. 


When:     Friday 6 May, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Where:   E3 art space, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost:        Free

Artist Talk

When:     Friday 27 May, 11:00am - 12:00midday
Where:   E3 art space, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Cost:       Free

Opening of Marita Macklin: Pathogenesis, May 2011