ABC Open - Aftermath: Disaster, Recovery and Resilience

Links Gallery: 24 August - 14 October 

Greg Gorman, Adelong, 2010
Greg Gorman, Adelong: Underwater house, 2010

From 2009-2012, ABC Open has worked with communities in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA that have been affected by natural disasters.

Launched in June 2011, Aftermath: Disaster, Recovery and Resilience has attracted over 400 contributions from disaster-affected regions around Australia and over 100 contributions from the Riverina region, including videos, photographs and blogs.

Aftermath presents personal stories of resilience and recovery following recent flood and cyclone events in Australia, generated by community contributors and ABC Open producers.

The exhibition includes:

A selection of printed phtographs from ABC Open community contributors, documenting the floods and flood recovery across the Riverina region;

A special photographic collaboration with Charles Sturt University photography graduate Kate Lewis, featuring a series of environmental portraits of volunteers from the Wagga Wagga State Emergency Services Unit who assisted with flood recovery work, with accompanying audio videos;

And a series of short episodic videos that follow key individuals over a six month recovery period, including residents of Wagga Wagga, Adelong, Tooma and Lockhart.

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