The Antipodean Steampunk Show

Margaret Carnegie Gallery: 9 November – 5 January


Russell Anderson, Tea bag jiggler 5, 1993-94. Found objects, clock parts and steel
Photo: Rod Buchholz


Contemporary technology and Victorian styling collide in spectacular fashion at The Antipodean Steampunk Show.

If today’s technology had been introduced in the 19th century, what would the world look like? The Antipodean Steampunk Show attempts to answer this question in a fascinating mash-up of past, future and fantasy.

Born in literature in the 1980s as a response to the sci-fi ‘Cyberpunk’ genre, the visual richness of Steampunk work soon transcended the page.

The artists contributing to the exhibition come from a range of cross-discipline backgrounds including engineer-sculptors, artist-scientists, shoe-makers, jeweller-taxidermists, writers, performers, photographers, film-makers, tinkerers, designers and hobbyists.


Launch: Friday 6 December, 6:00-8:00pm

Antipodean Steampunk Media Release (178 KB)