Amy Urquhart: Displacement:

E3 art space: Friday 31 May – Sunday 16 June

Self Portrait 2013
Amy Urquhart, Self portrait, 2013, charcoal on paper


This intriguing and engaging exhibition reveals that life is full of variations and a picture is not always as we see it...

This series of striking monochromatic charcoal drawings explores the role of displacement in the relationship between perception and reality. As we view the world around us we are often quick to make assumptions and create a storyline that satisfies our need to make sense of things. Our perception becomes our reality, but how often is this ‘reality’ displaced?

Displacement, whilst commonly associated with loss, need not always be negative, but often manifests all around us in amusing, playful and unexpected disguises.



Saturday 1 June, 6:00 - 8:00pm


Amy Urquhart Media Release