[nothing is] useless

 Main Gallery: 19 September - 8 November

[nothing] is useless

  • Sunita Bala, Keith Cameron, Zeb Shulz and Shane Dein, Arbor Machinamentum ( Tree Apparatus ) 2014, dismantled baby grand piano, found metal, light fittings, resin, tape recorders, cold war navy surplus electrical equipment and screenprinted artist books (Mike Smith, Sarah Stewart, Jake Stevens, Lyndian Dunbar, Zac Misfud, Mathew Daymond, Sunita Bala) 

Inspired by redundant technologies as a medium for creative exploration, 'post disability' artists from the Northern Rivers and Riverina regions of NSW have collaborated to examine notions of obsolescence and society's insatiable appetite to consume the new. [nothing is] Useless culminates in this interactive exhibition that uses sound, image, text and light in surprising and playful ways.

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Project funded by Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and ARTS NSW through Regional Partnerships