The Long Paddock

Saturday 6 May, 2017 - Sunday 16 July, 2017 | Main Gallery

  • Future Acts, Future Method Studio, Rylestone Travelling Stock Route 2017 (photo: Rosie Krauss)

Curated by Joni Taylor from the New Landscapes Institute, this ground-breaking exhibition explores the history and the future of the Travelling Stock Routes network. This vast system of shared regional trails has inspired contemporary artists from across the country to respond with video, sculptural and sound-based installations.

The exhibition includes work by emerging, established and highly innovative artists including Zanny Begg, Megan Cope and Bill Buckley, Hayden Fowler, Future Method Studio, Grandeza, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, and The Wired Lab.

Activities and Events

Friday 5 May, 6pm-8pm: Exhibition launch

Saturday 6 May, 11am-1pm: Artist talks

Saturday 7 May, 10am-2pm: Outdoor installation, The ‘Plant’

Sunday 7 May, 10am-12pm: Future Acts// Travelling Stock Reserves: Politics and Histories
At Wiradjuri Reserve

Join Future Method, Wiradjuri elders Lyn Syme & Kevin Williams, Academic Peter Spooner and Lawyer Maeve Parker for a conversation about the spatial politics, origins and futures of the Travelling Stock Reserves.

Our Commons and the Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR's) contain practical, environmental and cultural resources that are depended upon today as they have been for millennia. We are only now beginning to understand the origins of them and their relationship to indigenous trade routes, aboriginal sites of occupation and their significance to biodiversity.

This public forum is part of the Public Program for The Long Paddock, an exhibition of creative responses to the past, present and futures of the TSR network.

Facebook Event

Thursday 11 May, 1pm-2pm: Riverina Conservatorium of Music Lunchtime Concert Series #3

Saturday 17 June, 6pm-8pm: Exhibition catalogue launch, whipcracking performance by Emiliqua East, and performance and readings from Booranga Writers Centre

Saturday 15 July, 10am-12pm: ‘Art & Agriculture’ Round Table

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Exhibition Resources


Travelling the Stock Routes

- Claire Baker

in response to Lines of Movement – a Wiradjuri History by The Wired Lab

triangular confetti speak of the black/white paradigm

where land is reduced to a glassed-in artwork

narrow ribbons of red/green/black

criss-cross the white wrapped land

a present for some bureaucrat

from a medical textbook

a diagram of the circulation system

capillaries arteries veins

leading to and from the nation’s heart

lifeblood of the livestock trade

but what’s that mark near Myrtleford

is it a drop of blood or coffee?

the whisper of long grass brushing jean-cladded legs – or bare

it’s a long walk on foot from Coota to Brungle

frog throats swell then plunk a bass note

a rhythmic undertone for chirping crickets

and the cockatoos arc in a downward curve

a bracelet of feathers linking sky with land

words unfamiliar tumble and roil

a voice disembodied dispossessed speaks in Language

of a grandmother’s raising that one’s girl as her own

eating backstrap and leg of goanna

cooked by an uncle over an open fire

learning to swim in the stock dam with friends

getting told off by Elders for exploring sacred places

and at night

scooping a bed in the soil

and falling asleep

with hands over hearts

to stop Mirriyula from hearing

Nirvana Down Under

- Ingrid Bruckner

after Hayden Fowler Australia

My feeding eyes painted in disguise

yet my heart sees smiling at little lies

The Fowler whitened reproduction

deceptively bathed in virginal seduction

Upon the table rests a silent subject

transitioned to a centre of no regret

Still the island turns legs toward the past

offering a smooth sacrificial plaster mask

The dismantled hands of time

now gather in a circle to climb

Midpoint marked upon its forward face

a heads-up that fear has left this place

The dance of circular intersection

eclipsed lightly by timeless perfection

As the spirit soars to be absorbed

it leaps and bounds across the glowing orb

There the empty hallowed bones

have answered the ultimate call to home

Finally surrendered to the bonafide

where day and night so sweetly collide

Its dreamy essence long taken leave

along unbroken cords that snake and weave

Greeting trumpets from where angels sing

through the joyous beat of flapping wings

I hear the wisdom only nature knows

her forgiving heart now swells and grows

Where the Mother lay dormant in loving gestation

till the white in all eyes feast upon her creation

She knows no journey can be travelled reverse

and nurtures the cycle of death and of birth

Here no season berated for its barren depletion

ever trusting the circles unending completion

Prodding the Past

- Joan Cahill

After Megan Cope & Bill Buckley’s ‘Travelling Incognito’

Walk past the beam

obliterate the image of the track

as between the camera of the drone

and the landscape below

the map is pink – a signature

on the ground at sunset

feel the water, trees by the river

dappling the light

a juxtaposed aboriginal work of art

then twilight that time of nothingness

neither day nor night

settle the mob, scan the horizon

no interlopers in sight

a wash of lime on hard-wearing bark

tied securely with handmade rope

as stockmen blacks and whites

captives of the pastoralist

boil the billy, sweet tea

beef, potatoes and damper –

the bread has run out.

big sky, cold air, cattle bellowing

huddle behind the shelter

of a whitewashed past.

Medusa Mastery

- Cindy Lee Flint

After Zanny Begg's  ‘The Bullwhip Effect’

Cattle conjurer

Maticulous motion

Rythmic rapture

Articulated action

Twine tallons

Enchanting executioner

Brutal blasts

Sporadic slaughter.