Glenda Mackay: Home, Land, Security

Friday 1 March – Sunday 10 March, 2019 | E3 art space

  • Glenda Mackay, Quilt #4, 2016, sheet metal assemblage on plywood, photo courtesy of the artist.

Home, Land, Security presents mixed media quilts by Rutherglen based artist Glenda Mackay. Inspired by the history of the Wagga quilt and the domestic culture it represents, Glenda has created a series of quilts made from old wool army blankets and recycled fabrics that hold personal value to her family.  The works contemplate our connection to the land, and reflect our definitions of home and security. The artists intention is to present works that illustrate home as a physical place, as well as an emotional state. The concept of home and land in this context illustrates an inclusive and secure environment. By contrast, Homeland Security brings a new set of connotations, isolating, unwelcoming and far from secure. Exploring these ideas, Glenda’s quilts present various guises – the metaphor for home, land and security.