STEEL: art design architecture

Saturday 13 April – Sunday 9 June 2019 | Main Gallery

Image: Korban Flaubert, Armour Screen (detail), 2012, stainless steel, 1850 x 2100 x 400. Collection of Cafe Sydney. Photo: Stefanie Flaubert

STEEL: art design architecture is a ground-breaking exhibition exploring innovative ways that steel is being used by artists, designers and architects in Australia in the 21st century. The exhibitors represent a broad range of approaches to working with steel – from fine, hand-crafted jewellery to high-tech research facilities.

The art, design and architecture in this exhibition allows us to think upon the links and similarities between the creative processes, problem solving and design thinking undertaken in these various disciplines. It reveals that many of the concerns that drive these innovative uses of steel engage the themes of identity, locality, materiality and sustainability.


Education Resource: STEEL: art design architecture

The educational introduction to STEEL: art design architecture exhibition for teachers and students.

Theme 1: Steel for Domestic spaces

This theme is exploring the use of steel for the creation of larger scale functional and decorative
objects for the domestic environment.

Theme 2: Steel for your kitchen

Steel objects for kitchen and table use.

Theme 3: Steel shelters

Innovative steel buildings for plants, young people and beachgoers

Theme 4: Large or Small

This theme explores the diversity of steel from its pristine and highly polished state to a corroded and
recycled condition. In the hands of a creative individual it can become a tiny brooch or a decorative panel
on a large building.