On The Space of Artists - 8 Doors

Saturday 31 October 2020 - Sunday 31 January 2021 | Morrow Street Wall, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Image: 8 Doors, a collaborative installation by PAS artists Lill Colgan, Kirtika Kain, Gillian Kayrooz and Wagga-based artists Alice Peacock, Greg Carosi, Pat Ronald and facilitators James Farley (CSU) and Hayley Megan French (PAS).

8 Doors is a collaborative exhibition outcome from the project: On the space of artists, a partnership between Parramatta Artists’ Studios (PAS), Eastern Riverina Arts and Charles Sturt University (CSU). This project is centred on exchange and conversations around the artist studio as a social, conceptual and practiced space and how this translates between Western Sydney and the Riverina region. On the space of artists brings together PAS artists Lill Colgan, Kirtika Kain and Gillian Kayrooz with Wagga-based artists Gregory Carosi, Alice Peacock and Pat Ronald, facilitated by Hayley Megan French (PAS) and James Farley (CSU).

The 8 Doors installed on the Morrow Street wall of the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery are provocations to ask where the space of artists is—to open up the doors of our studios and homes and show where we make, what we make, and what we surround ourselves with to do what we do. They are placed on the outside of the institution, one of the major spaces that is for artists, moving us out of these private making spaces and into the civic space. These doors are an invitation and a gateway to digital content which virtually opens the doors of our artists’ studios and shares insights into the conversations that have driven this project.


This project is supported by a Create NSW Project Grant.