Forms and Echoes: from the National Art Glass Collection

Saturday 3 October 2020 - Sunday 2 May 2021

Image: Elizabeth Kelly, City of glass 2006, kiln formed and cold worked glass. National Art Glass Collection. Purchase funded by Wagga Wagga City Counci, 2006. Image courtesy Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

The National Art Glass Collection is abundant with artworks that have multiple elements within a single work.The use of multiple forms or repetition is often utilised by artists to amplify meaning, to create a certain mood, ambience or echo, to suggest stillness or movement, to confuse, to re-define the idea of the original, or to cast focus on one part of the artwork that either makes the work more visible or purposely invisible. Through reinforcement or confusion of form, multiplicity can also help expose the artist’s philosophical and conceptual intention.