F.Stop @ the Gallery: Future Photographers Lab

Sep 24, 2022 to Dec 4, 2022 | New Media Project Lab

Brittany Hefren, process pictures, 2022. Image courtesy the artist.

Image: Brittany Hefren, process pictures, 2022. Image courtesy the artist.


The Gallery is partnering with F.Stop Workshop to develop the artistic practice of early career Riverina photographers. Over a 10-week period audiences will have the opportunity to get a ‘behind the scenes’ view of artist’s studios as they develop ideas / bodies of work for exhibition within the Gallery’s Project Lab space.

This ten-week lab will be presented by Dr James Farley and Mr Patrick Ronald from F.Stop Workshop as part of their residence at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery with an aim to inspire and support the next generation of local photographers.

The Future Photographers Lab will support five emerging photographers; Molly Burley, Brittany Hefren, Jessica Horner, Tayla Martin and Ash Smith. Activating Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s new Project Space, the Future Photographers Lab will be an evolving process of creation and critique, with each artist chronicling the development of new work in situ. There will be regular opportunities to meet and discuss work-in-progress with the artists, mentors, peers, and public. There will also be a complimentary series of talks exploring the practice of contemporary photography in Wagga Wagga and beyond

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